Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To become an effective platform for collaborative expression of the science of food towards enterprise development and livelihood through African food research and projects.

Our Mission

  • Harnessing aids from organizations, governments and countries all over the world to support research that addresses challenges of the food systems in African communities.
  • Building human capital and skills required to address the causes of failure of food systems in Africa.
  • Fostering enterprise development and agri-food business for local and international markets; through science and research.
  • Deepening the conversation and understanding of the interdependence of climate change, environment, human and animal health, nutrition and agri-food entrepreneurship.
  • Fostering ‘disruptive’ and Open LAB expression of Food Science & Technology in African societies.

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The history of AfREN started in 2017 with a few postgraduate Food Science & Technology students who are nationals of different African countries. They all expressed regrets about the poor state of research facilities, funding and relationship between Food Science profession and many African societies.

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