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Cassava varieties naming ceremony in Nigeria-BASIC II IITA

Recently, Nigerian authorities gave new, marketable brand names to five cassava varieties, which will help seed entrepreneurs in their promotion. A milestone to enjoy!
Variety TMS-980505 is now officially called “Fine Face”
TMS-980581 is now “Dixon”
TMS-070593 is now “Sunshine”
TMS-961632 is now “Farmers’ Pride”
CR36-5 is now “Ayaya” (God’s Gift)
And these new, pre-release varieties are to be marketed as:
TMS13F1160P0004 is now “Game Changer”
TMS13F1343 is now “Obasanjo-2”
NR130124 is “Hope”
Farmer focus groups were used to select names, which are now recognized by the Variety Release Committee and the Nigerian Root Crop Research Institute. They will be used by the new, Early Generation Seed companies (GoSeeds, Umadike Seeds) and cassava seed entrepreneurs to promote and market these improved varieties. Posters and radio messages that once said “Plant TMS-980505!” can now say “Plant Fine Face.” It is believed that this will be more catchy and effective as International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) strive towards the uptake of the new variety and turnover targets.


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