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AfREN presents side event at ANH 2022 Conference, Online & South Africa

We can’t wait for #ANH2022 & we hope you will join our side event:

[🔬] Advancing food and nutrition science through lab-industry-trade nexus:The LCM (
🗓️Wed.29 June,5.40PM British Time

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The defining essence of any profession is how it sells to the society (Odugbemi, 2018). Considered observation in many African countries is that the science of healthy nutrition sells to the professionals but hardly sell to the society. Many lay communities consume food only as a commodity to sustain life but lacks the understanding of the need for planned intake of the collection of nutrients in the food for a healthy living. Many millennials still see food-nutrition science as an academic profession, hence food-nutrition business is largely in the hands of untrained individuals. For the food and nutrition profession to make sustainable impact at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 1,2 and 3, the profession must engage the millennials with business and tech intelligence. The session shall put these narratives into perspectives, X-ray case studies of disconnect between agri-food-nutrition-health professionals and their key performance indicators and arouse the audience with potential sustainable solution. 


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